Benefits of Long Term Leasing


Benefits of Long Term Leasing With Steer Housing Association

• We will guarantee a monthly rent for the whole period of the lease whether the property is occupied or not.  This will be at approximately 80% of the market rental value.
• We can offer a fixed lease term of 10 or 20 years.
• We will be fully responsible for the day to day maintenance of the property.
• We will be the landlord to the tenant and have a team of experienced and qualified housing staff to deal with all aspects of the tenancy, e.g. – Collection of rents.
• We will be responsible for the Public and Employer Liability Insurance.
• The is no advertising or administrative overheads.
• There is guaranteed vacant possession at the end of the lease term.
• The property is returned in good condition, subject to wear and tear.
• There are regular Rent Reviews, i.e. – You will receive 3 Rent Reviews throughout a 10 Year Lease and 5 Rent Reviews throughout a 20 Year Lease. Rent Reviews are normally carried out at the start of every third year of your lease.
• Professional advice and support throughout the process.
• No requirement to register with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB).