Methods of Paying Rent


Methods of Paying Rent

There are several ways to pay your Rent:

Standing Order: We will provide you with a Standing Order form which you then take to your local bank. Tenants are advised to ensure that their Rent Account Number (RT No.) under ‘Payment Account Reference No. (Narrative)’ is filled in and to request the bank to include this reference with every transaction. You must advise us immediately if you wish to cancel or change this agreement.

Electronic Transfer: This is done through using online banking. Tenants are advised to ensure that their Rent Account Number (RT No.)  is filled in on every transaction.

Lodgement Card: We will provide you with a Quick Lodge card and pin number. Lodgements can then be made by you in any Bank of Ireland branch.  This card is used solely for your rent account.

By Post: We prefer not to receive payments by post. If however, you find it necessary to make a payment by post you should use Registered Post, crossing cheques/Postal Orders made payable to Steer Housing Association Ltd. Please write your name, address and Rent Account Number (Rt No) on back of each cheque/Postal Order.

Please Do Not Post Cash: Steer Housing Association Ltd will not accept responsibility for payments lost in the post.

Fiona Slevin
Mountmellick, Co. Laois

“I was living in a one bed grotty apartment, my health was deteriorating but thanks to Steer, I am now living in a very good apartment and neighbourhood. They helped me out of a very dark place & I am very lucky and grateful for that. Things are not always easy but they always listen on the phone when I am struggling to pay my rent. I can always talk with them and come to an arrangement to pay so much off every week. This has helped me in the past and I have now learnt to budget and pay my bills on time.”